The Atrium Chinese Restaurant Parades into Spring with Chicken Delicacies Menu

(11 March 2024) Chicken often embodies the meaning of prosperity and conviviality in Chinese culture, which is a staple ingredient found on dining tables during reunions and gatherings. The Atrium Chinese Restaurant at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre welcomes spring season with a Chicken Delicacies menu. Prepared by Executive Sous Chef Kon Chu-kwong, a medley of ten exquisite dishes showcasing premium chicken breeds such as nutritious Silky Fowl, succulent Loong Kong Chicken, antibiotics-free Kamei Chicken and Ping Yuen Chicken to free range chicken, prepared in various traditional cooking styles, including dim sum, nutritious soup, fragrant stir-fries and stews, ensuring an indulgent experience for your palate.

The highlights of the Chicken Delicacies menu include Ping Yuen Chicken with Scallion Oil in Hakka Style (HK$728), which features Ping Yuen Chicken, a chicken breed native to Hong Kong known for its hormones-free, antibiotics-free, and steroids-free characteristics. Chef Kon specifically uses Ping Yuen Cockerel for its lean body content, resulting in firmer meat and low-fat content. The chicken is first soaked in a homemade marinade comprises of danggui (Chinese angelica), dried scallops, dried shrimps and more, until it absorbs the flavours. Sautéed with sand ginger, red shallots and chopped spring onions, the fragrant scallion oil enhances the richness and flavour of the dish, giving the dish an impeccable combination of colour, aroma and taste.

Another masterpiece is the Beggar’s Chicken# (HK$698), its intricate process aptly showcases Chef Kon’s culinary skills. He selects Loong Kong Chicken weighing approximately two a half catty for its firm texture and flavourful meat. He first combines red dates, dried lily buds, dried mushrooms, shredded meat, onions, lotus seeds, black fungus, and cabbage and gently stir—fry the mixture until fragrant. He then stuffs the mixture into the chicken cavity, wrapped in lotus leaves, sealed with mud and baked in the oven for three hours at 170°C. When served, the outer shell is cracked open with a wooden mallet, adding a dramatic touch to the dish and releasing a delicate aroma from the lotus leaves. The chicken meat is juicy and tender, can be easily shredded, and it is best to be enjoyed together with the stuffing.

The Braised Abalone and Free-Range Chicken in Clay Pot (HK$438) features the flavourful free-range chicken known for its active lifestyle and succulent meat. An ideal for casseroles, the bird is stewed until tender with eight-headed abalone, onions and ginger slices. For a nourishing and wholesome option, the Double-boiled Silkie Chicken Soup with Herbs and Ginseng (HK$168 per person) boasts medicinal properties, thanks to the nutritious silky fowl simmered for three hours with other precious herbs like ginseng and dendrobium.

The menu also offers two delightful dim sums. The adorable Baked Chicken Pastry (HK$68) is a puff pastry features a homemade Portuguese sauce infused with rich coconut flavour, Loong Kong chicken dices and onions. The dim sum disguises in an adorable chickling, almost too cute to devour. Another dim sum option is the Kai Mei Chicken, Mushroom and Sea Cucumber Dumpling (HK$68), uses the healthy and hormone-free Kai Mei Chicken. This dim sum features a trifecta of tender chicken meat, chewy sea cucumber, and aromatic shiitake mushroom, giving a distinctive and satisfying mouthfeel.

The Chicken Delicacies Menu is available from today to 31 May 2024 during lunch and dinner. (#Please reserve at least 1 day in advance).

All prices are subject to tea and condiment charges and 10% service charge. For enquiries and menu details, please call 2582 7332 or WhatsApp 9212 3087.

The Atrium Chinese Restaurant Information

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