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Five-Year Advancement Project

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  • HML kicked off HK$1 billion HKCEC Five-year Advancement Project in 2019.
  • Refurbishments to toilets and ancillary services have added comfort and convenience to fairgoers' experience.
  • New carpets give the Convention Hall and Convention Foyer a fresh feel.
  • Renewable energy is generated through rooftop solar panels.


In line with the spirit of ‘Breakthrough. Advance Together’, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited (‘HML’) continues to look for opportunities to improve and share success with business partners, staff members and the community at large. HML kicked off the HK$1 billion (US$128 million) HKCEC Five-year Advancement Project (‘the Advancement Project’) in 2019 with mega scale renovations of various HKCEC facilities and infrastructure, in several stages.

Upon completion in early 2024, HML will provide an even more comfortable, efficient and safer environment for all HKCEC users. New facilities also contribute to energy and water conservation efforts.

Audio system, air handling units, water pipes and fire services installations will be upgraded. Carpets, operable partitions and wall fabrics will be replaced. Toilets and ancillary rooms will be refurbished.

5G infrastructure has been set up and is now available. Visitors to the HKCEC from worldwide can enjoy the service.