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Green Initiatives

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Green Commitment

Hong Kong Green Organisation's logoHong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited understands the environment is for us to protect. From building design to daily operations, we are committed to reduce, reuse and recycle through a series of green initiatives designed to minimise the impact on our environment. We are fully devoted to building a sustainable future in partnership with our business associates.

Think Before Plastic

Think Before Plastic's logoUnder the campaign slogan "Think Before Plastic", HML has introduced a series of new measures since 1 July 2018. Plastic disposable cutleries, straws and stirrers, with previous consumption of 1.6 million pieces per year, have been replaced by wooden or paper alternatives. Glass or canned beverages are provided through vending machines and restaurants instead of plastic bottled versions.


Think Before Plastic, starting today. (Video Only)