Green Initiatives

Green Commitment

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited ('HML') understands the environment is for us to protect. From building design to daily operations, we are committed to reduce, reuse and recycle through a series of green initiatives designed to minimise the impact on our environment. We are fully devoted to building a sustainable future in partnership with our business associates.

Hong Kong Green Organisation's logo

Energy and Water Conservation

HML Energy Conservation Solar Panels

HML actively identifies conservation opportunities through equipment and infrastructure upgrade, as well as operational procedural improvements. Lights in the HKCEC are being changed to LED. Escalators are equipped with Variable Speed Drives. Indoor temperature is closely monitored through a smart Building Management System with IoT sensors. As part of its Five Year Advancement Project, air conditioning and ventilation system is upgraded. Renewable energy is generated through rooftop solar panels. Water saving faucets are installed in toilets.

Waste Management

HML motivates staff, event organisers and visitors to recycle wastes. Public as well as back of house areas are equipped with recycle bins for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and rechargeable batteries. Large recycling ‘cages’ are also available during exhibition move in and out periods. HML is one of the first organisations in Hong Kong to utilise the Government’s food waste processing facility O・Park1 since its opening in mid-2018.

HML Waste Management Recycling Cages

Think Before Plastic

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Under the campaign slogan "Think Before Plastic", HML has introduced a series of new measures since 1 July 2018. Plastic disposable cutleries, straws and stirrers, with previous consumption of 1.6 million pieces per year, have been replaced by wooden or paper alternatives. Glass or canned beverages are provided through vending machines and restaurants instead of plastic bottled versions.

Think Before Plastic, starting today. (Video Only)