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Caring for Community

HML Cares

Caring Company logoThanks to the concerted efforts of our 950 staff members, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited (HML) has been awarded the 10 Years Plus Caring Company logo for 14 consecutive years by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, for our work in caring for the community, our employees and the environment. Staff are always ready to help those in need, but for maximum effectiveness, HML focuses on building long-term partnerships with four charitable organisations, namely St. James’ Settlement, Food Angel, Fu Hong Society and the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong.


We work with our charitable partners

  • HML co-organised charity lunch with Food Angel for 250 elderly to celebrate Chinese New Year.
  • HML co-organised a gathering for mentally disabled members and their caretakers with St. James' Settlement.
  • HML hosted a reunion tea party for elderly coupons who live separately with St. James' Settlement.
  • HML invited disabled artist from Arts with the Disabled Association as Judge of Drawing Competition 2017 and gave a sharing to students.
  • HML organised a light painting event for mentally disabled members from St. James' Settlement.


We join hands for the community

  • HML volunteers participated in the "A Day with Food Angel" and prepared meals for the ones in need.
  • HML donated unconsumed food collected from restaurants and banquet events to Food Angel.
  • Secondary school students observe duties of HML managerial staff in the St. James' Settlement Job Shadowing Program.
  • HML chefs teach members of Fu Hong Society how to make cookies for charity sale.
  • Artworks by artists with disabilities are displayed at Congress Plus restaurant in partnership with Arts with Disabled Association Hong Kong.
  • HML chefs partnered with mentally disabled members of St. James' Settlement in cooking competitions.