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Preventive Measures in response to COVID-19

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With the recent successful commencement of exhibitions, auctions, corporate meetings and banquets, HML is confident and ready to welcome all types of events and visitors back to Hong Kong and the HKCEC. HML offers professional advice to event organisers and co-ordinate details of event arrangements, to give all HKCEC users and visitors peace of mind.

Peace of mind at HKCEC events (Video only)


Safety of staff and customers has always been top priority of HML.  Stringent preventive measures have been adopted to ensure the HKCEC is ready to welcome any events.   HML has a set of emergency preparedness plans, which can be activated in case of emergency situations. Some of the preventive measures implemented are listed below. HML continues to closely monitor development of COVID-19 and strengthen relevant hygiene measures according to latest guideline issued by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Government’s Department of Health.

Strict access control

Temperature check for all visitors entering the HKCEC is conducted at control points

  • Temperature check for all visitors entering the HKCEC is conducted at control points. Anyone with high temperature and/or display respiratory symptoms will be denied entry.
  • Anyone without a face mask will be denied entry. Surgical masks are recommended.
  • Anyone wearing a Quarantine Order wristband will be denied entry. HML security staff will report contraventions to Police.
  • HML staff members have their temperature screened when reporting duty.  They are required to wear face masks at all times. 
  • QR codes for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile app are posted in various locations in the HKCEC, including individual restaurants, for record of visits and receiving notifications of possible exposure.
  • Staff members of HML, organisers, exhibitors and contractors involved in the operation of exhibitions and international conferences during show open days must undergo a polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid test for COVID-19 once every 14 days before the last show day and present negative results before being admitted to the event venues; or, as an alternative, a staff member involved in the operation does not need to adopt the required testing arrangement after he/she has completed a COVID-19 vaccination course and should keep the vaccination record as proof of vaccination.
  • Exhibition visitors are required to scan “LeaveHomeSafe” QR codes or leave contact details to facilitate tracing before entering show floor.
  • Contractor workers and suppliers’ delivery personnel are required to have their temperature checked and complete a Health Declaration Form before being admitted.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Anti-virus Nano Titanium Photocatalyst Coating and antimicrobial surface protectant NDF-Bio75 have been applied to event venues and public facilities such as escalator handrails, door handles and glass railings etc.

  • Anti-virus disinfection coating has been applied to event venues and public facilities such as escalator handrails, door handles, lift buttons and glass railings etc.
  • Newly installed air handling units are equipped with ultraviolet lamps for disinfection purpose.
  • Event venues are disinfected at the end of the day after general cleaning.
  • Escalator handrails, door handles and lift panels are disinfected every hour.
  • Tables and chairs in exhibition venues are disinfected twice a day.
  • Floor mats at the HKCEC main entrances are sprayed with diluted bleach every two hours.
  • All restrooms are assigned with attendants during events to carry out cleaning and disinfecting work.

Customer care

Automatic hand sanitiser spray dispensers are available at guest lift lobbies, Customer Service Counters and restaurants

  • Venue ventilation is enhanced.
  • Contactless payment options are available at all restaurants, concession stands and loading docks.
  • Eating and drinking inside exhibition halls are allowed only at designated areas with stringent preventive measures applicable for catering premises.
  • Maximum capacity for individual venue or type of events strictly comply with the prevailing ceiling stipulated by Government.   Seating plan and queuing arrangement also adhere to Government requirement on social distance.
  • Automatic hand sanitizer spray dispensers are available at guest lift lobbies, Customer Service Counters and restaurants.
  • Special rubbish bins for disposal of used face masks are provided at exit points and offices.
  • Two Isolation Rooms for sick persons to rest and wait for medical assistance have been set-up and are ready for use during event period. The rooms are equipped with face masks, sanitizing hand gel, tissue and rubbish bins with lid.

Hygienic F & B

Food handlers working in open kitchens and food concessions are required to wear face masks

  • All restaurants and catering premises comply with the relevant FEHD’s ventilation and associated requirements.
  • All HML staff working in restaurants, including kitchens, are required to be vaccinated or present negative COVID-19 test results.
  • All food items served in the concession stands are individually packaged.
  • Social distance stipulations related to maximum number of persons per table, minimum distance between tables and use of transparent screens are strictly adhered to.
  • Designated ‘Hygiene Assistant’ at restaurants equipped with labelled aprons, gloves and designated trays are assigned to clean tables and remove used tableware.  They do not serve food.
  • Special serving protocol options are available at banqueting events for hygiene consideration.
  • The buffet restaurant adopts preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.



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