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Meeting Rooms N101 - N112

Article Body

  • Cocktail reception in Meeting Rooms N106-N108
  • Cocktail reception in Meeting Rooms N106-N108
  • Foyer area of Meeting Rooms N101-N112
  • Meeting Room N101 wit LED Wall
  • Theatre setting in Meeting Room N101


13 meeting rooms accommodating 28 to 600 people
N101* is equipped with 12m(W) x 3m(H) built-in LED Wall
*12sqm is reserved for built-in LED Wall if N101 is licensed for meetings or banquets

Venue / Details

Gross Floor Area sqm.


(max. capacity)


(max. capacity)


(max. capacity)


(max. capacity)

Rooms N101 - N112 38-740

28-600 persons

11-296 persons

12-432 persons/ 1-36 tables

25-530 persons

Please click here for the Detail Venue Dimension & Capacity Information of Meeting Rooms N101 - N112