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HKCEC fully powered by high-speed 5G network First 5G smart security robot introduced at HKCEC

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  • The 5G smart robot “Captain C” was deployed during the Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival from 20-23 August 2021 to enhance security and operational efficiency at the HKCEC.

(9 September 2021) Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited (“HML”) announces the completion of the installation of 5G infrastructure which will herald a new era of digitally-elevated and connected venue experience as well as enhancement of operational efficiency. Marking this new page is the introduction of a futuristic staff member to the HKCEC team - "Captain C", a 5G smart robot which recently completed its apprenticeship successfully as a security captain at the “Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival”. The addition has only been made possible with the new 5G network infrastructure.

The HKCEC now boosts 100% 5G coverage spanning event spaces, restaurants to backstage areas. In addition to accommodating a large number of facility users to simultaneously access data-intensive applications and content, the 5G network infrastructure will empower exhibitors to integrate physical and online marketing and sales efforts such as more stable and better real-time live-streaming of events, application of new technologies (such as hologram and augmented reality) to enhance engagement with visitors, and streaming of high-definition videos to visitors’ mobile devices. 

Ms Monica Lee-Müller, Managing Director of HML, said, “As an industry leader, HML is committed to using smart technology to offer better service to our customers, and we are delighted to be one of the first organisations in Hong Kong to provide high-speed indoor 5G connectivity. Our new 5G smart robot also helps us flexibly allocate resources and provide event organisers and visitors with safer, more reliable services.”

Captain C combines 5G network and artificial intelligence technologies. It is equipped with a 360-degree 4K high-definition surveillance camera, infrared detection camera, and a sensor system for detecting smoke and fire. Captain C can play very versatile roles including implementation of crowd management or pandemic prevention measures such as broadcast of social distancing reminders. When a person exhibits a high body temperature or does not wear a mask, Captain C will instantly transmit real-time images to the security control room so that appropriate follow-up actions can be taken.

HML kicked off the US$128 million (HK$1 billion) HKCEC Five-year Advancement Project in 2019 to upgrade and refurbish the HKCEC’s facilities and infrastructure over several stages. The introduction of Captain C is a benefit of the HKSAR Government’s “Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G” to improve operational efficiency.

About the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

This award-winning 306,000-sqm building, first opened in 1988, offers 91,500 sqm of rentable space. An iconic Hong Kong landmark, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (‘HKCEC’) is located on a prime waterfront site in the central business district of Hong Kong. It is owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

About Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited (‘HML’) is a professional private management and operating company responsible for providing day-to-day management for the HKCEC, where it oversees administration, marketing, booking, scheduling, event co-ordination, maintenance and security. It also manages food and beverage operations at the HKCEC, including restaurants and catering services. HML provides world-class services for users, visitors and guests of the HKCEC, a venue which has been consistently awarded the title of ‘Best Convention and Exhibition Centre in Asia’ by leading industry professionals. Events at the HKCEC, including exhibitions, conferences, corporate meetings, entertainment events, seminars and banquets, contribute significant economic benefits to the city and help raise the international image of Hong Kong.

HML is a member of NWS Holdings Limited. NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 659), as the diversified industries flagship of New World Development Company Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 17), invests and operates a wide range of businesses predominantly in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Our core business includes toll roads, commercial aircraft leasing, construction and insurance, while we also manage a strategic portfolio spanning sectors from environment, logistics to facilities management. Please visit for details.

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