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Free Wifi Access

the HKCEC’s Wi-Fi system is free-of-charge and can facilitate up to 5,000 concurrent users at any one time in general

Connectivity is vital in today’s world: the HKCEC’s Wi-Fi system is free-of-charge and can facilitate up to 5,000 concurrent users at any one time in general, while the mobile phone network has been switched from 3G to 4G. Fixed broadband lines are available with charges for exhibitors.

Steps to connect to free Wifi 

  1. Enable the wireless connection on your device and select "HKCEC_Free_WiFi" or "HKCEC_FREE_5GHz".
  2. You will be connected to the logon web page. If not, please open a browser and access "".
  3. Press "I accept" button after reading all terms and conditions.
  4. Internet access is enabled.


Terms and condition 

The free Wi-Fi service (“Service”) in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (“HKCEC”) is provided by Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Ltd (“HML”) on a free of charge basis. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using the free Wi-Fi services.

  1. To ensure reasonable performance and fair use by all users, there is a 60 minute usage limit of the free Wi-Fi service upon registration for each user.
  2. User will be disconnected from the Service if there is a prolonged idle time of 60 minutes.
  3. The wireless system is of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standard and the connected device (notebook, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) must be compliant.
  4. The system can facilitate up to 5,000 concurrent users at any one time in general.
  5. Access to the wireless network depends on the compatibility of user’s device to this Service, which HML cannot guarantee. Please proceed to locations with stronger HKCEC Wi-Fi signal for more stable connection.
  6. HML does not warrant that a user can successfully log on to the free Wi-Fi service, nor does HML warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted, e.g. signal interference caused by other routers or other systems releasing radio frequency set up by third parties in the HKCEC. HML does not warrant that the Service is error-free, free of viruses or other harmful elements. Therefore, if exhibitors plan to use the Internet to demonstrate or products that are mission critical to their exhibit, a fixed broadband line is highly recommended.
  7. The free Wi-Fi service should ONLY be used for non-mission-critical applications such as general web surfing and internet-based email access. Any online payment or online activities involving large volume of network traffic is not encouraged.
  8. The wireless network is “open”; a broadband line is therefore recommended for sensitive or confidential messages.
  9. Users shall NOT cause inconvenience or annoyance to other persons when using this Service. HML shall have the right to terminate (or prohibit users from using) this service if such inconvenience or annoyance is reported or known.
  10. Users should accept the limitations and vulnerabilities of the free Wi-Fi service and acknowledge that they have to bear their own risks by downloading or uploading through this Service. HML shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, destruction, or damage (including without limitation direct or indirect, special or consequential loss, destruction or damage) howsoever arising from or in respect of any downloading or uploading through using or misusing this Service.
  11. HML may amend the above Terms and Conditions at anytime without prior notice.