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Sustainability Updates

"Think Before Plastic" campaign continues


  • Contractor workers are ordering meals at the HKCEC
  • Contractor workers are queuing for food
  • Contractor workers are having meals at the HKCEC and hence reduce disposable take away utensils
  • Contractor workers are helping separate food waste after lunch

With our "Think Before Plastic" campaign, HML is committed to encouraging customers, event organisers, contractors, suppliers, stakeholders, and other event industry players to think before using disposable plastic items.

HML continues to promote "Think Before Plastic" to other stakeholders. Contractor workers who often work in the HKCEC during busy exhibition move-in days can enjoy $5 off meal cost if they choose to dine in and hence reduce disposable take away utensils. HML have recently arranged contractor workers from AMC (Exhibits) Ltd to enjoy their meals at a comfortable dining area. Give them a thumb up for helping separate food waste after lunch!