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Sustainability Updates

Sharing and caring


  • Donating mooncakes to the needy becomes HML's tradition
  • Over one thousand mooncakes are ready to deliver
  • Mooncakes are packed carefully
  • SJS's staff collect the mooncakes
  • HML donates mooncakes to SJS


Donating festival food to the needy has become a tradition at HML, and so plans were made for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with long-term partner People's Food Bank, operated by St. James' Settlement (SJS). HML invited business partners and stakeholders to celebrate the festival in a caring and meaningful way by donating mooncakes to SJS.

Thanks to their generosity, HML was able to present 1,158 mooncakes to the underprivileged, enabling them to experience the joy of this festival and spread warmth in the community. The appreciation received from the beneficiaries motivates HML staff to continue with this thoughtful activity.