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Sustainability Updates

Renewable energy for a Sustainable Future

Renewable energy is generated through rooftop solar panels 

“Reduce, reuse and recycle” is at the heart of HML's commitment to green initiatives that minimise the impact HKCEC operations have on the environment. Inherent in this is the devotion to building a sustainable future in partnership with business associates.

Equipment and infrastructure upgrades and operational procedural improvements all provide conservation opportunities. An on-going project is seeing the change of all lights within HKCEC to LED. Escalators are equipped with drives that vary their speed. The indoor temperature of the HKCEC is closely monitored through a smart building management system featuring IoT sensors. As part of the Five-year Advancement Project, the air conditioning and ventilation system is being upgraded. Renewable energy is generated through rooftop solar panels. Water-saving faucets are installed in toilets.