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Sustainability Updates

Improving waste control

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre improves waste control


HML is continuing to reinforce its position as a role model for handling different types of waste in a sustainable and responsible way by introducing a new waste management guide. The HKCEC Waste Management Guide for Organisers and Exhibitors is a practical manual for event organisers and key users of the HKCEC to help them differentiate between and properly handle different types of waste. 

The guide asks event organisers and exhibitors to separate construction and industrial waste from other waste generated by or during their event, and to dispose of it properly. Collection and disposal of general waste generated by events held at the HKCEC is done by HML's appointed service provider, who is registered with and approved by the EPD.

Our commitment to 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' means we encourage all exhibition participants to separate recyclable materials from other waste so as to minimize the impact on the environment. We also encourage organisers and event participants to reduce waste by only ordering food as needed and donating unconsumed food to charitable organisations to support those in need.

The help of event organisers, key users and visitors in following these guidelines and practices will lead to HML's events being run in a greener and more sustainable manner to the benefit of all.

The Guide is available at the HKCEC’s website: