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Sustainability Updates

Hello to Harry & Hana!

 Smart Scrubbing Robot at the HKCEC (Video only)

Say hello to Harry and Hana and welcome these two smart scrubbing robots to the HML team! The pair have an amazing work ethic – they can scrub 3,000 sqm of floor in one hour, and at the same time they help conserve 6,000L of water a month thanks to the 4-Stage Filtration System for water recycling.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has heightened awareness for the need for cleanliness, especially in busy spaces. However, cleaning activities need to be efficient and cause as little disruption to visitors as possible, and there is also a demand to be mindful of not wasting precious resources such as water.  Recruiting the services of Harry and Hana is just one of HML’s new initiatives to fulfil the requirements of water conservation and efficiency.

Check out the video to see Harry and Hana in action. Sorry to say they are not available for part-time work in your home!