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Sustainability Updates

Cooking with kindness


  • Both chefs and participants enjoyed the cooking moment
  • All chefs feel excited about the event
  • Chefs and participants cooperated smoothly
  • One of the HML teams won the “Gourmet Gold Award”


HML has long prided itself on helping to create a more caring society, and regularly takes part in events that promote inclusivity. This year, HML was proud to once again join the Inclusive Cooking Competition organised by the Fu Hong Society. This competition, which is now in its 15th year, aims to improve the public's understanding of people with intellectual disabilities and helps foster a greater spirit of social inclusion.

During the competition, seven chefs from HML Western Kitchen teamed up with four people with intellectual disabilities to form three teams. Each team was tasked with presenting a dish in just 20 minutes!

The judges were full of compliments for all the dishes, praising them for their impressive and attractive presentation and excellent selection of food items. This praise was echoed by members of the public and it helped motivate the teams enormously.

One of the HML teams won the "Gourmet Gold Award" in the final competition. Our congratulations to them and to all the teams who took part and demonstrated a great spirit of collaboration and co-operation throughout the competition.