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Sustainability Updates

Breastfeeding Star Premise


  • Breastfeeding GPS QR code
  • HKCEC's nursery room interior
  • One of the HKCEC's nursery rooms at Hall 1D concourse


HML is proud to be a “Breastfeeding Star Premise”, providing quality breastfeeding friendly facilities in support of nursing mothers.  HKCEC strives to be a family-friendly venue, and as part of this initiative six nursery rooms are available for the visitors to the HKCEC. These rooms are equipped with a host of features including diaper changing tables, clothing hooks and electrical power outlets for users of milk-expressing equipment.

Information about the HKCEC’s nursing facilities is available on the Breastfeeding GPS mobile app, which enables mothers to locate breastfeeding facilities in shopping malls and other public premises in Hong Kong.

Quality nursing-care facilities not only bring convenience to HML customers, but also support the movement to create a breastfeeding friendly community. These amenities allow mothers to sustain breastfeeding, which is not only healthy for their babies, but has benefits for the economy and the environment, too.

The Breastfeeding Friendly Community Initiative is organised by the University of Hong Kong School of Nursing and commissioned by the Food and Health Bureau of the HKSAR government.