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Onwards and Upwards!

Onwards & Upwards – HML Activities & Achievements since July 2019 (Video only)


HML’s annual “activities and achievements” initiative is now online, under the theme “Onwards and Upwards”. The feature takes the format of a video of highlighting HML’s activities and achievements since July 2019. Covid-19 struck during this period, bringing unprecedented challenges; HML responded by going the extra mile to ensure the safety and health of all visitors to the centre.

Featured segments include the new F&B concept, the continued uplift of facilities across the board, implementation of the premium 5G Wi-Fi network, and new sustainability initiatives.

The video seeks to build confidence among exhibitors and visitors. It illustrates how HML is not only determined to adapt to difficult circumstances but also striving to shape business under the new normal. The HML team is committed to the development of breakthroughs and advancements under the banner “onwards and upwards”.

The video has been awarded “Gold” under the category of “Videos - public awareness campaign” in the prestigious Mercury Award 2020/21.