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HML Updates

Great free wi-fi connections


  • HKCEC Wi-Fi landing page
  • Clearer signage in front of meeting rooms
  • Wi-Fi signage in front of meeting rooms


HML is proud to have completed a US$3.9 million revamp of HKCEC's entire Wi-Fi system, which now supports more than 20,000 mobile devices at any one time. Users can enjoy this high-speed and free-of-charge Wi-Fi service with unlimited access of 60 minutes per session at all the HKCEC venues and restaurants, needing only to choose "HKCEC Fast WiFi Complimentary" or "HKCEC WiFi Complimentary" to connect to the Wi-Fi system.

Meanwhile the new HKCEC Premium Wi-Fi Service allows event organisers to provide an even faster service for event attendees, offering a defined bandwidth, dedicated SSID and a customised login page at their event venues.

Clearer signage and new posters are now on display at the HKCEC to encourage and promote the use of these free-of-charge Wi-Fi services to event participants.