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Beyond Smart - HML Highlights FY2020/2021

Beyond Smart – HML Highlights FY2020/2021 (Video only) 

Several new HML staff members are already proving their worth, and showing they are indeed “Beyond Smart” in their mission to improve efficiency at the HKCEC.

HML takes the format of a video of highlighting HML’s achievements in FY2020/2021. Over the year, we used smart technology in different areas to enhance operational efficiency at the HKCEC. In this short video clip “Beyond Smart”, it highlights some of our projects leveraging new technology in the past year. Meet 5G smart security robot Captain C, his colleagues Harry and Hana, the autonomous cleaning robots, and the disinfection robots that perform cleaning services throughout the HKCEC in the video. Their collective mission is to safeguard the health and safety of the public. So next time you visit the HKCEC, don’t forget to say hello to Captain C, Harry and Hana!