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‘Think Before Plastic’ is a win-win

                                                                                     Think Before Plastic, starting today (video only)

HML's "Think Before Plastic" campaign has already had an impact on the environment – and has also impressed industry peers, winning the 2019 UFI Sustainable Development Award. This honour is a strong endorsement of HML's commitment to environmental protection and recognises the effective communication of the campaign aimed at reducing plastic consumption.

The award is organised by UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, which comprises almost 800 member organisations in 86 countries and regions. The Sustainable Development Award acknowledges companies that have implemented an effective, innovative communications approach to environmental protection and, as a result, successfully engaged the audience and led to tangible, provable changes in behaviour.

The campaign, which was launched in July 2018, encourages reduction in the use of disposable plastic through promotion of the "Think Before Plastic" message. Behind the slogan is the desire to actively engage with the public. Activities have included the replacement of plastic disposable cutlery, installation of 18 water fountains and a plastic-reduction competition involving students. Six months after the launch, 883,000 pieces of disposable plastic cutleries, 176,500 disposable plastic straws and 67,100 disposable plastic meal boxes had been eliminated, thanks to the joint efforts of HML staff and partners.

HML is not resting on its laurels, however. If you haven't yet become involved in the campaign, visit for information on how you can also contribute to sustainability.